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Affordable Broadband Access and Adoption

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A.R. Designs executive team members Dan Mason and James Rattleff attend PAWR Information Day event in Arlington, Virginia on Thursday, April 27, held at the Hyatt Centric Arlington.  The event presents a unique opportunity for wireless researchers, local government leaders and wireless industry experts from the private sector to review the Platform for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program goals, walk-through the PAWR RFP and consider opportunities for teaming/partnerships. This is where 5G is born.


We perform all aspects of Wi-Fi.

A decade ago we began building Wi-Fi community networks for large scale historically under-served, affordable communities.

Today we can design, source equipment for and build ANY scale of Wi-Fi network for ANY community of users.  We can do 1500-node networks for casinos, hotels or sports stadiums.

We can do dispersed and mobile fleet-based network applications for shippers, healthcare systems or the military.

 Wi-Fi Technology 



We can do more with less.

We can achieve superior coverage by deploying a unique combination of smart antenna technology, mesh software and Cisco carrier grade mesh hardware.

Our designs require less: 

  • vertical assets
  • hardware
  • nodes
  • power
  • installation timei
  • ongoing support costs 

 Antenna Technology 


We have a decade of experience in all aspects of building Wi-Fi based community networks for historically under-served and affordable communities. On the intellectual capital side we do consulting, design and sourcing. On the physical capital side we perform installation, upgrades, systems engineering, monitoring and maintenance.

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We use carrier class smart antennas and self-healing nodes to power our Wi-Fi networks. We integrate our own network management and monitoring technology to manage both our network assets and our users on the same platform.

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We partnered with national laboratories in order to license, co-develop, co-engineer, prototype and transfer the technology kernels which are now embedded in our community wi-fi networks and our Bandwidth Community portals.