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Affordable Broadband Access and Adoption

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Antenna Technology is the Key Factor

Broadband wireless has inherent engineering challenges.  

Base station radios use high-power transmissions, blasting out many watts of power. This necesarily allows the client devices to receive transmissions. 

Client devices, on the other hand, are drastically limited in their transmit power output. Different countries have different regulations for device power output to avoid health issues for the users, as well as for over-saturation of the airwaves with noise. Other limiting factors include the balance of limited battery life versus transmit power of battery-operated devices.  Often, there are circumstances when the client can see the powerful signal from the base station, yet the base station often does not receive a strong-enough signal from the client device to establish communications.

Our antennas are truly the most valuable technology solution to handle the vast growing demand of connectivity and services to wireless networks.  

Our antennas use patent-pending technology, which passively filters unwanted signal before passing it to the radio, enabling our nodes to process more subscriber traffic.  As a result our networks are inherently more RF-Interference tolerant.  The multiple arrays we use can capture signals that single polarization antennas miss completely.Our antennas are designed to optimize all four types of subscriber traffic: conversational; streaming; interactive; and background. 

The antennas we deploy are low powered, highly selective, "smart" and configurable.  They allow our wireless Access Points to serve more subscribers within a larger footprint area, with better quality and throughput than other antennas.  Our antennas also provide superior wireless backhaul coverage and throughput.

Whether a wireless hotspot, a hotzone, or a distributed network covering a large area, our superior antennas bring an overall solution approach when paired with an enterprise-quality radio. AR Designs offers a scalable advantage both in performance and economy. AR Designs offers enhanced performance to all radio systems — the better the radio, the greater the potential advantage AR Designs provides to the package.

We offer the lowest CAPEX, greatest capacity, and highest performance per deployment.

Key Advantages

  • No gaps, delays, or pixilation 
  • Increases speed and reliability of transmissions
  • Consistent and symmetrical data throughput 
  • Larger Vertical RF coverage-area than standard antennas
  • Lower-than-actual gain rating using standard measurement
  • RF-Interference tolerant 
  • Multiple arrays capture signals that single polarization antennas miss completely
  • Uses patent-pending technology, which passively filters unwanted signal before passing it to the radio, enabling the radio to process more subscriber traffic as a result
  • Using MIMO arrays our antennas provide up to a 10x performance gain over conventional MIMO antenna arrays
  • Weather/wind tolerant with materials designed to withstand harsh weather and last for years