Applied Research Designs, Inc.

Affordable Broadband Access and Adoption

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Configuration Services

AR Designs can assess and reconfigure your software and re-train your staff to take over.  We can also reconfigure your systems, your upgrades, too, and manage everything to keep you independent of your staffing flux. 


  • Do you need help with configuration of new hardware deployment? 
  • Are you upgrading equipment and need help with the integration of newly acquired equipment with your legacy systems? 
  • Did you lose the knowledge for running your systems with the loss of key IT personnel? 


  • Do you need help with configuration of new software deployment?  
  • Are you upgrading software across your entire network?
  • Do you need help deploying software across different systems within your enterprise?  
  • Did you lose the knowledge for rolling out or configuring the systems you run because your IT personnel ran? 



  • Quick turnaround time
  • Turnkey
  • Improved operational performance and reliability
  • Complete solution with little or no down time
  • Minimal distraction from day to day activities
  • Maintain Independence from Staffing Flux


  • Installation of new equipment
  • Start up power on testing
  • Installation of any variety of components
  • Upgrade of existing cabling or new cabling runs
  • De-installation and removal of old equipment
  • De-installation and moving of existing equipment
  • Configuration for assurance or compliance with industry code
  • Configuration to ensure compliance with your firm's infrastructure
  • Equipment Burn-in and Testing
  • Asset Tagging for Management of Devices
  • Laser Etching of Portable Hardware Devices
  • Racking of Equipment


  • Configurations of New Off the Shelf Operating Systems
  • Custom Configurations to Integrate New and Legacy Equipment
  • Anti-virus deployments
  • Customized Security Layers
  • De-installation and removal of out-moded software
  • Custom Imaging of Settings for Preloaded and Ready Ease of Deployment
  • Custom configurations of Network Management Software
  • Custom Network Asset and User Monitoring Software
  • Remote Network Management Software
  • De-bugging and streamlining of Network Configurations
  • Implementation of VPN across network