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Affordable Broadband Access and Adoption

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Bandwidth Technologies

Network Monitoring and Control with Smart Antennas and Self-Healing Nodes

We use carrier class smart antennas and self-healing nodes to power our Wi-Fi networks.  We integrate our own network management and monitoring technology to manage both our network assets and our users on the same platform.  

Smart Antennas

We employ antenna technology which is designed for use on outdoor Wi-Fi nodes to deliver superior reception. By using multiple cross-polarized elements, these next-generation antennas pick up scattered RF fragments from low-powered client devices often transmitting from within a building or through dense foliage. Our antennas actively sum desired RF signals and filters out unwanted signals, making the radio more efficient and improving throughput dramatically.

Our smart antennas expand coverage area, allowing for superior coverage to the same geographical area with fewer nodes. It also enables us to turn the power down while increasing our throughput. These two factors virtually eliminate the self-interference problems seen in municipal networks.

Our use of smart antennas significantly improves ROI for network deployments by reducing the number of nodes, expensive vertical assets required, and ongoing support costs, while at the same time providing customers with an exceptional user experience.

Self-Healing Nodes

We use carrier class Cisco nodes to communicate over scalable high performance mesh networks.  Our equipment is proven and has been deployed in many different environments and used for many different applications around the world enabling users to wirelessly access broadband applications any place, anywhere, any time – even while moving at 200 miles per hour. Our scalable systems are self-configuring and self-healing and can be operated in a variety of multi-radio, multi-channel, and multi-RF system modes.